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Fwd: Link Union Station (Link US) | HDR vs e7 VCAP. Comprehensive TRANSPARENT Data Model


Michael Rendler

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to Robert, Lynn, Michelle, Lisa, me, Linda, Corey, Will, Deborah, Jerryl, Michael
IGMAG role in the Data Mode (required HACLA Watts Rising Project) with Charles Drew University. Dr. Hara

4 pillars of HUD National Model EnVision Center

1)Health (Drew, Keck School, Kaiser partners.)
2)Financial Independence (Opportunity Zone)
3)Leadership (Ethical Behavior) Section 3
4)Education (Continued Education LAUSD , LACCD, USC, UCLA)

I have added contact US Army Core of Engineers who I have discussed Urban Watershed and LA River integration into this data model as well as Ms. Deets heading up Urban Watershed Los Angeles Department of Sanitation and Environment involved in some pilot work with Measure W, Stormwater management.

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Date: Wed, May 15, 2019, 8:49 AM
Subject: Link Union Station (Link US) | HDR vs e7 VCAP. Comprehensive TRANSPARENT Data Model
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Mr. King,

Regarding our continued discussions: Watts Rising and comprehensive Workforce Development in a Knowledge Worker economy HUD, Metro, LAUSD, LACCD, pLAn 2019, UCLA, HACLA, and USC.

Regarding moving metro Animation services from e7/LATTC Crenshaw Line neighborhood workforce, to HDR Union Station.(see link above)   The power of scale not the ability to deliver product.  

Referenced International Engineering Firm HDR and e7 Architecture Studio, Neighborhood engage model conflict for STEM workforce development. 

This is why VCAP cannot see the light of day with 300 billion dollars of Development in Los Angeles using pLAn 2019 as the engine.