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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 07/07/2020 03:34:58
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I am not sure which password goes with which. Switch them around if that's not right. 
To: Theresa King <queentheresaking@gmail.com>

Hi Theresa,

This is a continuation from the last store review message. In addition to these I would suggest that you update your home page as you still have a promo referring to March . Since you're store is still early in setup you may also benefit from watching the Reboot training that has just started.

Here are the suggestions need to be done in order to improve your store and for good Google compliance:

Please add your phone number to your Store's Home Page in the footer to avoid google suspensions. (https://prnt.sc/sgqev2)

We have checked your Privacy policy. Please make the following corrections (https://www.screencast.com/t/XZbHpMcQ0zyj)
Please add the missing store address under Privacy Policy.

We checked your Products & Collections is not properly set-up. Please follow the training in Module 2
Here are the timestamp within the training:
12. Collection List area – add Collections [10.50]
13. Set and image [12:30]
14. Grab an image [12:50] with Jing to upload to thumbnail
15. Create collection [13:50]
16. Add products manually [14:50]
17. Customize themes for collections [15:15]
18. Add collections to theme [16:20]
19. Add bestsellers link [17:15]
20. Set featured products [18:00]
21. Add footer menus [18:43]
22. Social media icons [19:52]
23. Other theme settings [20:25]

We checked your "Track Order" links and found out that the app is missing. To avoid Google suspension please add the app as follows:
Module 4, Video 7: Trackr App: https://www.kibocodeaccess.com/products/the-kibo-code/categories/2161964/posts/7719578