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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 01/16/2018 04:55:25

Change the Equation Endorsement for Ten80 Education National STEM League
Change the Equation, a nonprofit, non-partisan partnership of CEOs that works at the
intersection of business and education to ensure that all American students are STEM
literate, is pleased to recognize Ten80 National STEM League with its Student Racing,
Rover, Energy and Innovation Challenges as one of the nation’s most effective and
immediately scalable STEM learning programs. We have included Ten80 in STEMworks, a
database of programs that meet high standards for quality and impact with the special
additional designation as “ready to scale.”
Every program in STEMworks has met Change the Equation’s rigorous Design Principles for
Effective STEM Philanthropy. Created in conjunction with leaders in corporate social
responsibility, these Principles embody the most current research and expertise on what
works in STEM learning. The Principles set a high bar by requiring programs to demonstrate
success in areas such as the capacity to meet a critical need, sustain and replicate
themselves in new places, forge effective partnerships, and demonstrate their impact
through rigorous evaluation. Programs in STEMworks must also offer challenging STEM
content, incorporate hands-on STEM practices, inspire interest in STEM, and address the
needs of youth, such as females and minorities, who are less likely to pursue STEM fields.
In addition, Ten80 has demonstrated that it has the organizational capacity and strategic
plan to expand quickly to many new sites across the country.
A team of independent experts from WestEd, a nonprofit research and evaluation firm,
carefully reviewed and selected STEMworks programs from a broad pool of applicants.
Using a detailed evaluation rubric, reviewers chose only those programs that provided
concrete evidence demonstrating how they meet the Design Principles. WestEd then
reviewed a self-selected subset of STEMworks programs against additional criteria for their
readiness to scale nationwide. WestEd selected only four STEMworks programs for this
additional designation.
We are very confident that supporters of Ten80 will receive a strong return on their
investment in STEM learning.
Please direct any questions about STEMworks or Change the Equation to
Claus von Zastrow, Change the Equation COO and Director of Research, at 202.626.5734 or
Linda P. Rosen, Ph.D.
CEO, Change the Equation