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- 11/03/2020 21:19:25

Michael Rendler

10:12 AM (3 hours ago)

to Dr, hershel.daniels, me, John
Keeping tech group TECHNICAL:),

Maybe I missed something.  Let's try to understand what the "Sustainability " model LA County is building and how Neighborhood Councils through CEQA will get it done.  

My Engineering process is always the same.  Start with the end in mind.  If Governor wants a biodiversity Root Cause model. Recognizing Nature is most valuable asset in California.   Let's build the EVENT MODEL.  

Scaling is critical.


What does the Data Dictionary look like? Then are all these tools INTEROPERABLE. I think ESRI ArcGis online has done a good job and Socrata using JSON API is Federal/City standard.  Please review New Urban Agenda 


This will link up HUD to UN.  Scalability. 

OGC is tasked with the Data Dictionary but who is managing this Enterprise Architecture?  A MAP would be helpful.