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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 08/28/2020 16:25:52

Michael Rendler
8:22 AM (1 hour ago)
to Jerome, Naomi, Lynn, Lisa, me, Jacquelyn, Terrance, William, pinkus

Mr. Peloquin,

Please find Chapter 6 VCAP curriculum video with RedTails Group in KC around System Design.

During introduction class, Orientation VCAP which I have shared with you. I associated the SYSTEM chapter in VCAP to Solar System.  This Workshop on Systems https://vimeo.com/452291159  Outlines how to calculate a Solar envelope and associate it to a weather table using Climate Consultant out of UCLA school of Architecture.  

Your questions which DATA SETS are needed for VCAP; this video outlines "well it depends on where you are".  Environmental Design is Regional Design using Weather Tables is where this starts.  Reconnection to location.

Reviewing your Urban Sea formal geometry presented in Urban Sea workshop on Tuesday I do not believe this Science was addressed with any type of formal analysis using a weather data file as explained in this video.  This is necessary in this early formal phase for legitimate environmental design.

I have discussed this with Naomi. This concept with some of her work in LA and LA river regarding Solar Envelope design requires 3 dimensional analysis a concept called Visual Acuity. 

These are requirements in LA and State of California, title 24,  and using BIM tools as presented to City Council in Kansas City these relationships of SYSTEMS and software use explain the complexity of the problem. The right tool for the right job.

I have copied a few people on this email who are working with VCAP. I am hopeful your project in Baltimore will apply the principles of VCAP.  That being the investigation as a Community CoLaboratory, as your solution for City Economic Development built on a viable economic model.

This is especially true for our Urban Agriculture efforts also part of group copied on this email.