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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 06/02/2019 00:58:41

Description Id State
AppArmor initialization apparmor.service active (exited)
autovt@.service Template autovt@.service
Set console font and keymap console-setup.service active (exited)
Corosync Cluster Engine corosync.service active (running)
Regular background program processing daemon cron.service active (running)
ebtables ruleset management ebtables.service active (exited)
getty@.service Template getty@.service
iSCSI initiator daemon (iscsid) iscsid.service active (running)
Set the console keyboard layout keyboard-setup.service active (exited)
Kernel Samepage Merging (KSM) Tuning Daemon ksmtuned.service active (running)
Monitoring of LVM2 mirrors, snapshots etc. using dmeventd or progress polling lvm2-monitor.service active (exited)
LXC Container Monitoring Daemon lxc-monitord.service active (running)
LXC network bridge setup lxc-net.service active (exited)
LXC Container Initialization and Autoboot Code lxc.service active (exited)
FUSE filesystem for LXC lxcfs.service active (running)
Modem Manager ModemManager.service active (running)
Raise network interfaces networking.service active (exited)
Network Manager Script Dispatcher Service NetworkManager-dispatcher.service inactive (dead)
Network Manager Wait Online NetworkManager-wait-online.service active (exited)
Network Manager NetworkManager.service active (running)
Login to default iSCSI targets open-iscsi.service active (exited)
Postfix Mail Transport Agent postfix.service active (exited)
Restore /etc/resolv.conf if the system crashed before the ppp link was shut down pppd-dns.service inactive (dead)
The Proxmox VE cluster filesystem pve-cluster.service active (running)
Proxmox VE firewall pve-firewall.service active (running)
PVE guests pve-guests.service active (exited)
PVE Cluster Ressource Manager Daemon pve-ha-crm.service active (running)
PVE Local HA Ressource Manager Daemon pve-ha-lrm.service active (running)
Proxmox VE Login Banner pvebanner.service active (exited)
PVE API Daemon pvedaemon.service active (running)
Commit Proxmox VE network changes pvenetcommit.service active (exited)
PVE API Proxy Server pveproxy.service active (running)
PVE Status Daemon pvestatd.service active (running)
PVE Qemu Event Daemon qmeventd.service active (running)
RPC bind portmap service rpcbind.service active (running)
fast remote file copy program daemon rsync.service inactive (dead)
System Logging Service rsyslog.service active (running)
Self Monitoring and Reporting Technology (SMART) Daemon smartd.service active (running)
PVE SPICE Proxy Server spiceproxy.service active (running)
OpenBSD Secure Shell server ssh.service active (running)
Network Time Synchronization systemd-timesyncd.service active (running)
Import ZFS pools by cache file zfs-import-cache.service inactive (dead)
Mount ZFS filesystems zfs-mount.service active (exited)
ZFS file system shares zfs-share.service active (exited)
Description Id State
Console Getty console-getty.service inactive (dead)
Early root shell on /dev/tty9 FOR DEBUGGING ONLY debug-shell.service inactive (dead)
Device-mapper event daemon dm-event.service active (running)
LVM2 metadata daemon lvm2-lvmetad.service inactive (dead)
LVM2 poll daemon lvm2-lvmpolld.service inactive (dead)
lxc@.service Template lxc@.service
postfix@.service Template postfix@.service
Notify NFS peers of a restart rpc-statd-notify.service inactive (dead)
NFS status monitor for NFSv2/3 locking. rpc-statd.service inactive (dead)
serial-getty@.service Template serial-getty@.service
Wait for Network to be Configured systemd-networkd-wait-online.service inactive (dead)
Network Service systemd-networkd.service inactive (dead)
Network Name Resolution systemd-resolved.service inactive (dead)
Disk Manager udisks2.service active (running)
WPA supplicant wpa_supplicant.service inactive (dead)
wpa_supplicant@.service Template wpa_supplicant@.service
Import ZFS pools by device scanning zfs-import-scan.service inactive (dead)
Description Id State
Daily apt upgrade and clean activities apt-daily-upgrade.service inactive (dead)
Daily apt download activities apt-daily.service inactive (dead)
Kernel Module supporting RPCSEC_GSS auth-rpcgss-module.service inactive (dead)
bootlogd.service bootlogd.service masked / inactive (dead)
bootlogs.service bootlogs.service masked / inactive (dead)
bootmisc.service bootmisc.service masked / inactive (dead)
checkfs.service checkfs.service masked / inactive (dead)
checkroot-bootclean.service checkroot-bootclean.service masked / inactive (dead)
checkroot.service checkroot.service masked / inactive (dead)
Cockpit motd updater service cockpit-motd.service inactive (dead)
Cockpit Web Service cockpit.service active (running)
container-getty@.service Template container-getty@.service
cryptdisks-early.service cryptdisks-early.service masked / inactive (dead)
cryptdisks.service cryptdisks.service masked / inactive (dead)
D-Bus System Message Bus dbus.service active (running)
Emergency Shell emergency.service inactive (dead)
fuse.service fuse.service masked / inactive (dead)
getty on tty2-tty6 if dbus and logind are not available getty-static.service inactive (dead)
Getty on tty1 getty@tty1.service active (running)
halt.service halt.service masked / inactive (dead)
hostname.service hostname.service masked / inactive (dead)
hwclock.service hwclock.service masked / inactive (dead)
ifup@.service Template ifup@.service
Cleaning Up and Shutting Down Daemons initrd-cleanup.service inactive (dead)
Reload Configuration from the Real Root initrd-parse-etc.service inactive (dead)
Switch Root initrd-switch-root.service inactive (dead)
Cleanup udevd DB initrd-udevadm-cleanup-db.service inactive (dead)
killprocs.service killprocs.service masked / inactive (dead)
Create list of required static device nodes for the current kernel kmod-static-nodes.service active (exited)
Activation of LVM2 logical volumes lvm2-activation-early.service inactive (dead)
Activation of LVM2 logical volumes lvm2-activation-net.service inactive (dead)
Activation of LVM2 logical volumes lvm2-activation.service inactive (dead)
lvm2-pvscan@.service Template lvm2-pvscan@.service
lvm2.service lvm2.service masked / inactive (dead)
motd.service motd.service masked / inactive (dead)
mountall-bootclean.service mountall-bootclean.service masked / inactive (dead)
mountall.service mountall.service masked / inactive (dead)
mountdevsubfs.service mountdevsubfs.service masked / inactive (dead)
mountkernfs.service mountkernfs.service masked / inactive (dead)
mountnfs-bootclean.service mountnfs-bootclean.service masked / inactive (dead)
mountnfs.service mountnfs.service masked / inactive (dead)
nfs-common.service nfs-common.service masked / inactive (dead)
Preprocess NFS configuration nfs-config.service inactive (dead)
NFSv4 ID-name mapping service nfs-idmapd.service inactive (dead)
NFS server and client services nfs-utils.service inactive (dead)
Updates the operating system whilst offline packagekit-offline-update.service inactive (dead)
PackageKit Daemon packagekit.service active (running)
Authorization Manager polkit.service active (running)
Postfix Mail Transport Agent (instance -) postfix@-.service active (running)
pve-container@.service Template pve-container@.service
PVE LXC Container: 100 pve-container@100.service active (running)
PVE LXC Container: 101 pve-container@101.service active (running)
PVE LXC Container: 102 pve-container@102.service active (running)
PVE LXC Container: 103 pve-container@103.service active (running)
PVE LXC Container: 104 pve-container@104.service active (running)
PVE LXC Container: 105 pve-container@105.service active (running)
PVE LXC Container: 106 pve-container@106.service active (running)
PVE LXC Container: 107 pve-container@107.service active (running)
PVE LXC Container: 108 pve-container@108.service active (running)
PVE LXC Container: 109 pve-container@109.service active (running)
PVE LXC Container: 110 pve-container@110.service active (running)
Daily PVE download activities pve-daily-update.service inactive (dead)
Proxmox VE firewall logger pvefw-logger.service active (running)
Proxmox VE replication runner pvesr.service inactive (dead)
Enable File System Quotas quotaon.service inactive (dead)
LSB: Ceph RBD Mapping rbdmap.service active (exited)
/etc/rc.local Compatibility rc-local.service inactive (dead)
rc.service rc.service masked / inactive (dead)
rcS.service rcS.service masked / inactive (dead)
reboot.service reboot.service masked / inactive (dead)
Rescue Shell rescue.service inactive (dead)
rmnologin.service rmnologin.service masked / inactive (dead)
RPC security service for NFS client and server rpc-gssd.service inactive (dead)
RPC security service for NFS server rpc-svcgssd.service inactive (dead)
LSB: start or stop rrdcached rrdcached.service active (running)
sendsigs.service sendsigs.service masked / inactive (dead)
single.service single.service masked / inactive (dead)
ssh@.service Template ssh@.service
stop-bootlogd-single.service stop-bootlogd-single.service masked / inactive (dead)
stop-bootlogd.service stop-bootlogd.service masked / inactive (dead)
Dispatch Password Requests to Console systemd-ask-password-console.service inactive (dead)
Forward Password Requests to Wall systemd-ask-password-wall.service inactive (dead)
systemd-backlight@.service Template systemd-backlight@.service
Set Up Additional Binary Formats systemd-binfmt.service inactive (dead)
Exit the Session systemd-exit.service inactive (dead)
File System Check on Root Device systemd-fsck-root.service inactive (dead)
systemd-fsck@.service Template systemd-fsck@.service
File System Check Daemon to report status systemd-fsckd.service inactive (dead)
Halt systemd-halt.service inactive (dead)
systemd-hibernate-resume@.service Template systemd-hibernate-resume@.service
Hibernate systemd-hibernate.service inactive (dead)
Hostname Service systemd-hostnamed.service inactive (dead)
Rebuild Hardware Database systemd-hwdb-update.service inactive (dead)
Hybrid Suspend+Hibernate systemd-hybrid-sleep.service inactive (dead)
/dev/initctl Compatibility Daemon systemd-initctl.service inactive (dead)
Flush Journal to Persistent Storage systemd-journal-flush.service active (exited)
Journal Service systemd-journald.service active (running)
Reboot via kexec systemd-kexec.service inactive (dead)
Locale Service systemd-localed.service inactive (dead)
Login Service systemd-logind.service active (running)
Commit a transient machine-id on disk systemd-machine-id-commit.service inactive (dead)
Load Kernel Modules systemd-modules-load.service active (exited)
Power-Off systemd-poweroff.service inactive (dead)
File System Quota Check systemd-quotacheck.service inactive (dead)
Load/Save Random Seed systemd-random-seed.service active (exited)
Reboot systemd-reboot.service inactive (dead)
Remount Root and Kernel File Systems systemd-remount-fs.service active (exited)
Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status systemd-rfkill.service inactive (dead)
Suspend systemd-suspend.service inactive (dead)
Apply Kernel Variables systemd-sysctl.service active (exited)
Time & Date Service systemd-timedated.service active (running)
Cleanup of Temporary Directories systemd-tmpfiles-clean.service inactive (dead)
Create Static Device Nodes in /dev systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service active (exited)
Create Volatile Files and Directories systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service active (exited)
udev Wait for Complete Device Initialization systemd-udev-settle.service active (exited)
udev Coldplug all Devices systemd-udev-trigger.service active (exited)
udev Kernel Device Manager systemd-udevd.service active (running)
Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service inactive (dead)
Update UTMP about System Boot/Shutdown systemd-update-utmp.service active (exited)
Permit User Sessions systemd-user-sessions.service active (exited)
umountfs.service umountfs.service masked / inactive (dead)
umountnfs.service umountnfs.service masked / inactive (dead)
umountroot.service umountroot.service masked / inactive (dead)
usb_modeswitch@.service Template usb_modeswitch@.service
user@.service Template user@.service
User Manager for UID 0 user@0.service active (running)
Proxmox VE watchdog multiplexer watchdog-mux.service active (running)
x11-common.service x11-common.service masked / inactive (dead)