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wow i replied before seeing al [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 04/22/2018 20:35:10

wow i replied before seeing all 3 setups...and i see LRN....will look to
see how i can login to it...and continue readying what you sent me...

so much easier if it's in the

which reminds me that the caltek.net needs to in the list for a properly
configured dns i'm concerned about the caltek.net mail-server which
changes my main e-mail account. the emails are stored on the
http://rhsrider.net/webmail I have only recently started using gmail but I
rarely if never use a local e-mail client. maybe it's time to do that.

cheers! so many details thank you so much...LRN wow....

On Sun, April 22, 2018 1:02 pm, Kenneth Wyrick wrote:
ok time for an update. i really wish i could get you to work with me in
both the odoo @ http://caltek.net nginx is already installed but needs to
be configured. 8069 is the default odoo port...i have it documented
in the po duscuss channel...yes odoo uses channels

this is ineresting all the admins i've worked with over the years never
are willing to use my portals to organize what we are doing.

it's sad for me a dumb for them to not want to see what the LRN forums can
do, compared to the po forums which i should explore.

we can point all web server ip to specific folders on oacs.

naviserver is the key.

we are going fast and furius with this and there are some basic things i
need configured before i'm working where i know to be.

one is the ideas package gave an error due to not having a proper sla. now
my partner candy usually does that for me but she's pretty busy, if it's
not some you can do i know she will. this is a key package where people
come and create and idea ticket to be voted on, $ added @ which point it
moves into being a project.

then there's the xowiki  for me thats

On Sun, April 22, 2018 12:44 pm, Iuri Sampaio wrote:

3rd service has been up and running .LRN. Currently we have:

1)  Server 1 ]po[ only
DNS temporary: projop.iurix.com <http://projop.iurix.com/>

** btw, I’ve noticed the logo. Nice one!

2) Server 2 ]po[ and .LRN
IP Address:
DNS temporary: dotlrn.iurix.com <http://dotlrn.iurix.com/>
*** Still pending to find a solution to merge ]po[ and .LRN

Server 3 ]po[ and .LRN
IP Address:
DNS temporary: caltek.iurix.com <http://caltek.iurix.com/>
*** Still pending to find a solution to merge ]po[ and .LRN

Please, let me know what subdomains you’d like to assign to them. I
presume you want them under

litli.net <http://litli.net/>
tutortronics.net <http://tutortronics.net/>
picounion.net <http://picounion.net/>

Let me know which one goes where.

Take your time. It’s totally fine if you want to keep them under

Best wishes,