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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 06/29/2018 19:03:38

need to understand your business model related to FLOSS.
get more information and contacts for your new deployments 
with interests in xAPI / learning locker,  moocs,  k-12 aligned to college.      

as a non-profit i want to explore potential partnerships and or project collaboration possibilities.

my R&D is in the interoperability of Arts & Teknowledgy training the trainers/professional development as STREAMS of Learning in California
                  where:  R=r&d,       A=arts,     2nd S=systems

eXe is a desktop editor/publisher software.  
eXe uses idevices to extend the functionality.  
I hope to explore and define ways that we can incorporate red-panda into one or more idevice(s):
http://caltek.net   http://wecanf.net and   http://rhsrider.net