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Community Partners

Non-Profit Incubator Proposal Guide & Documents

1.Read The Fiscal Sponsorship Page 
2.Read https://communitypartners.org/how-apply 
3.Download, Open and Read: Use our Narrative Guide (DOC) 
4.Read the Guide to Project Budgeting: https://communitypartners.org/guide-project-budgeting 
5.Fill-Out this Budget Worksheet (Excel)
6. Complete the Online ApplicationApply Now 
We will ask him a yes/no question, such as 'Approved?'.
Depending on the answer, we'll go to either
'Read https://communitypartners.org/how-apply
'Use  eXe and .lrn forumctn-circa2008 moodle to work up the application  https://communitypartners.org/applynow'. 


Proposal Four (4) Steps and Seven (7) Sections

The Narrative Guide doc has 7 sections which make up the Proposal. Each section has it's own page listed below and in the left column Outline.

Each page has one or more text boxes with specific lead in statements related to specific questions. When in doubt refer to the Narrative Guide docx.

The objective is to go through each section, click on the pencil icon of each text box, edit the information, in the text box so that it has specific information for your non-profit project proposal idea.

I very much employ you to adopt a get something in every text box of all 7 sections approach. Spend less time on individual text boxes, initially and more time focused on reading all the way though every question.

If you do not know what to write in a text box say you do not know what to write and list some things that come to mind that might work but move on through the rest of the questions.

This will hopefully help you to get information in the most appropriate text box, help you become more familiar with all the questions, so you can more dynamically refer to it without having to duplicate it and moving on should help keep your thoughts and ideas flowing.

Now, you may also need clarification on the specifics of what information is being requested.

Therefore, you may need to do a bit of word smithing and definitions lookup before understanding or coming up with an appropriate response.

This can be a bit time consuming and frustrating, to say the least, so that's when you write your thoughts and move on to the next question.

If need be, talk to someone else that is involved as a participate or one of your advisers, if possible.

This is something that Community Partners strongly suggest as a way to involve others and to have a more realistic way of verifying the specificity of the project.

cheers!   kmw

The 20 Questions

Represents the whole proposal

 The 20 questions are indicated by each of the lower case letters within each of the 7 Sections (below). This represents the whole proposal.

1. Project Description: What does your project do? (1½-3 pages)

Your project’s mission

a Target population

b What geographic community it serves

c The number of people your project serves

2. Project History: Why was this project initiated? (1-2 pages)

When was your project launched and who was involved in getting it started?

a The need(s) the project was created to address

b The strengths and capabilities of the project’s target population and how you are engaging this community to increase your project’s likely impact

c How your project differs from other organizations that address the same or similar issues

d The work you have done to research, design, pilot test or demonstrate the project

3. Project Goals: What are you hoping to achieve? (½ -1 page)

Describe what you realistically hope to accomplish by the end of your first year under fiscal sponsorship. Please keep in mind potential time and/or fiscal constraints. It’s okay to be candid here!

a We realistically hope to accomplish by the end of our first year

b Potential time and/or fiscal constraints are

4. Project Impact:   How will you know your project has made a difference? (1- 1½ pages)

a How you will measure the effects of your project’s activities on the community it serves at the end of your first year under fiscal sponsorship?

(note: make sure these are the same activities listed in 1. Project Description specific project activities)

b Any significant accomplishments to date

5. Project Leadership: Who will help you carry out your project’s mission? (2-3 pages)

To complete your project sponsorship application you will need to submit résumés for the primary people conducting project activities in addition to answering this question for the Proposal Narrative.

Please include:

a A description of the work-related, volunteer or other experiences you and other key people have had that will help you lead your project

b Summary biographies for each person you plan to include on your advisory board, which should contain at least three people. Be sure to indicate whether each person identified has already agreed to serve on your project advisory board.

c Names and descriptions of any additional people who will be working with you most closely as volunteers and/or staff

d Your current key relationships with allies, in your community and elsewhere, who are necessary for your project’s success

6. Fundraising and Project Budget:  How will you fund your project’s activities? (1-2 pages)

Note that this question should be answered in the proposal narrative in addition to completing:

a a one-year budget and budget narrative that details sources of revenue and expenses for your project.

Please describe:

b Your specific revenue goals and plans for raising funds from sources such as individual donors, foundations, businesses/corporations, government, special events and/or other sources.

c Include a projected timeline for carrying out these fundraising activities. If possible, identify likely funders for your particular efforts and indicate if you have a relationship with these potential funders or if they are prospects you intend to approach.

d Letters of support from potential individual, foundation, public, or corporate funders can be uploaded in addition to the proposal narrative if you have them.

e Your plans to develop non-financial resources such as in-kind donations, space for operations, and/or volunteer participation, if applicable

7. Relationship with Community Partners:   How will fiscal sponsorship add value to your project? (¼ - ½ page)

a Outline your specific expectations regarding the benefit(s) fiscal sponsorship and a relationship with Community Partners will provide your project.

the end of the 7 Section 20 question process.

Outline straight from the community partners website. repeated (above)

 Step 1: Determine if Community Partners is the Right Fit

Step 2: Review Mutual Expectations

Step 3: Review FAQ and Proposal Process

Step 4: Submit a Proposal Online for Fiscal Sponsorship

Your proposal will need to include all of the elements listed above.

Once your full proposal is complete, you can fill out the application form and upload your documents.

 Links to original documents online:

Proposal Narrative

- Use our Narrative Guide (DOC)

Resumes of Key Project Leaders

3  Letters of Support


- Use this Budget Worksheet (Excel)

Please refer to the following materials for additional support in creating your budget.

Sample Project Budget (Excel, updated April 2016)

Guide to Project Budgeting