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TurnKey Jet

crypto currency

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission cleared TurnKey Jet, Inc to raise money via the sale of a custom cryptocurrency in a “no-action” letter, it’s first to address blockchain-based fundraising.


Hershel Daniels

1:40 AM (5 hours ago)
to hershel, bcc: me

So if we go this route that means issuance goal of May 25th 2020.

I will have the costs involved on Monday.  FAU Board meeting June 12th give me your time avaiable.

Class A Company Stock 30M Shares 

Class B For the Diaspora Equity Shares 300M Shares at no par value except you have to give us your info as a person of African Descent in the African Diaspora

Class C For the African Nations 3B Shares with a ICO in 2020 of 1.5B being issued via mining during the first decade 2020-2030 starting with about 2M Shares for The Gamba (each country gets shares to population)