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It’s rather impossible to remember all the APIs by heart. This is when cheatsheets jump in! Here are the best…
Posted by Josh Gordon and Sara Robinson, Developer Advocates
TensorFlow in TensorFlow4 min read
I just received a thank-you note from a student who attended a fireside chat I held at the ranch. Something I…
JavaScript is now part of the toolkit of most working developers. What if network effects push it into being…
Anil Dash8 min read
Best in Future
An interview with director of office envisioning Anton Andrews
Lance Ulanoff in OneZeroMember only content7 min read
Expanded genetic testing of embryos represents a new era of family planning. But how far should the…
Emily Mullin in OneZeroMember only content12 min read
Welcome to the Sci-Fi industrial complex
Brian Merchant in OneZeroMember only content17 min read
Best in Freelancing
Analyzing the patterns of first paragraphs from 94 of the most compelling feature articles from The Atlantic…
Jason Shen in Better HumansMember only content25 min read
Pay close attention — self-publishing can be rewarding, but costly.
Carole P. RomanMember only content6 min read
Within a vortex of competition, how do you get people to read your book?
Carole P. RomanMember only content3 min read
Best in Culture
The ultimate status symbol isn’t getting into a fancy school, but taking it for granted
Meghan DaumMember only content7 min read
I need to use the internet, but right now it’s using me
Simon DohertyMember only content5 min read
Best in Mental Health
Everyday, nonviolent psychopaths say they’re nothing like the psychopath we see on our movie screens
Jessica BrownMember only content7 min read
I’ve endured depression, anxiety, headaches, memory loss, insomnia, blurred vision, and impotence since I was…
Are we all just clicks away from identifying as ‘flat-Earthers’?
Erin Schumaker in OneZeroMember only content8 min read
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Hey guys!
Extract contextualized word embeddings from BERT using Keras and TF
TD, SARSA, Q-Learning & Expected SARSA along with their python implementation and comparison
Can a machine successfully determine the differences in speech content between the 2 most recent American…
Deep learning to predict if a machine will be infected by malware.
Most read
Fueled by support from the Korean government, sheet masks and glass skin have taken over the world
Joanna FuertesMember only content7 min read
Abortions are simple procedures, yet fewer than 0.2% of U.S. doctors perform them. Meet the new guard trying…
Malcolm HarrisMember only content18 min read
Ownership inspires virtue, creates justice, and unifies people
Paul MeanyMember only content5 min read