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Today’s highlights
Music is like a mirror, and it tells people a lot about who you are and what you care about.You are what you…
Four years ago my sister got me something that would dramatically alter the direction of my life.
Tom Kuegler in The Mission6 min read
Six months ago, I got my first developer job as full stack web developer for a startup. I had no relevant…
That’s it. The Kevin Roose article in the New York Times did it for you. It’s time to leave San Francisco…
Best in Food
Some microbes reside permanently in our guts. Others are just passing through
Winemakers are working on unusual solutions to the problem of climate change
Alyssa GiacobbeMember only content6 min read
Best in Neuroscience
Scientists disagree over whether certain mental tasks are more fatiguing than others
Markham HeidMember only content4 min read
Finding effective treatments for migraines is its own headache
Lisa LevyMember only content6 min read
Anxiety. Depression. ADHD. Dementia. The human brain is in trouble. Technology is a cause — and a solution.
Best in Philosophy
Applause from Medium Staff
I’ve been “let go” several times.
Part 4 in Arc’s series: The Greatest Works In Philosophy
Dale Wilkerson in Arc DigitalMember only content19 min read
Part 2 in Arc’s series: The Greatest Works In Philosophy
Best in Humor
I ask you to imagine a marketplace of…
Why we must stop obsessing about perfection and embrace being wrong
Tom ChatfieldMember only content11 min read
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The revolutionary potential of your own face, in seven chapters
Rachel Syme in Matter57 min read
“Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.” — Steven Wright.
Ben FathiMember only content14 min read
The Goosebumps author has sold millions of kids’ horror novels. Adults who grew up on the books say it helped…
Darryn KingMember only content8 min read
Editors’ picks
Using the hunger I experienced as a kid to teach mine the power of generosity
Kristine LevineMember only content6 min read
7 counterarguments in response to anyone who blames the baby bust on women or millennials
In an industry that touches so many lives, accurate terminology is essential
Adam LeftonMember only content6 min read