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Legally Living Tiny - What's happening in California



Are you interested in building or buying a tiny house? 
One of the first considerations is money…

  • How much will it cost?

  • How much can you afford?

  • What do you budget for?

It can be very overwhelming but Steven from LivingTinyinLA.com is here to help us out. Steven self built his own tiny house on wheels and has since been helping others navigate the financial considerations of going tiny. He has a solid financial background that coupled with his cost hacking techniques, saved him over 50% on his build.

He's here to show you how to measure your money and to help you get you the most bang for your tiny house buck.Things we will cover in this workshop:

  • - The True Cost of Building a Tiny House

  • - How to Budget your Build- Cost Differences Between a DIY Build and a Professional Builder

  • - Tips for Staying on Time and on Budget

  • - Price Hacks Tips and Strategies to Save Money on Your BuildCome learn how to measure your money to get the most out of your tiny house build!

What we're about

Building and living in a tiny home allows for a life of less debt, fewer possessions, greater independence, and more freedom to follow our passions! Are you interested in building your own tiny home? Do you currently live in a tiny home? Are you interested in supporting or learning from the real life experiences of tiny home dwellers? Let's meetup and build a network of support among each other, especially aimed towards community members desiring to start their build sometime in the near future (but open to any one interested!) This group aims to meet around twice a month in a variety of settings. The location will change each meet-up, but will remain within the county of LA.FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/groups/LAtinyhouses(https://www.facebook.com/groups/LAtinyhouses/)TWITTER https://twitter.com/LATinyHousesLos Angeles Tiny Cobuild Haven Collective https://www.latchcollective.com