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Internet in a box

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What can I do with E-books and Internet-in-a-Box?

The first step is to add content gems to your Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB).

Learn how to download high-quality free content, like Wikipedia ZIM files.

Or add content from your own USB disk or USB flash drive. Sharing or purchasing a hard-drive packed full of incredible Wikipedia + Maps + Literature + Khan Academy learning resources is also possible. Contact http://unleashkids.org volunteers should this be necessary.

Either way, this opens up entirely new opportunities for semi-connected schools and offline libraries worldwide, unleashing the best of Internet learning without costs or distractions. Medical clinics, museums and progressive prisons are also taking advantage, as well as individual educators and parents taking charge by building their own "Library of Alexandria" community hotspots.

How can kids best take advantage of these crown jewels of learning? After you've added content, you can offer your students direct access to different kind of content, using links like:

http://box            Your Internet-in-a-Box Library!
http://box/usb        Content from USB sticks/drives, that teachers can insert anytime
http://box:8008       KA Lite (Khan Academy videos & exercises, with its own content downloader)
http://box:8080       Calibre E-Book Library: see FAQ, calibredb manual, calibre-server manual (see Calibre-Web below)
http://box/maps       OpenStreetMap: for box/modules/en-osm-omt-min or box/modules/en-worldmap/map.html or box/iiab/static/map.html
http://box/docs       FUTURE synonym for http://box/nextcloud ?
http://box/wiki       DokuWiki: collaborate on documents
http://box/elgg       Elgg social network for e-learning
http://box/info       IT support docs & eventually vids, offlined for all
http://box/kiwix      Kiwix: amazing content & videos, contained in searchable ZIM files
                        WARNING: use http://box:3000/kiwix/ to avoid the Apache proxy e.g. for enhanced privacy #852
http://box/books      Calibre-Web E-Book Library, an alternative to Calibre (above) with a modern interface: #816
http://box/moodle     Moodle 3.5.x LTS (learning management system)
http://box/lokole     Lokole is an Email service that works offline for rural communities, students and teachers.
http://box/kolibri    Kolibri is like KA Lite; will allow educators to customize+remix Content Packs; also works: http://box:8009
http://box/nodered    Node-RED visual programming for electronics projects (IoT)
http://box/wordpress  WordPress 5.0 (blogging & community publishing)
http://box/mediawiki  MediaWiki 1.31.x LTS (Wikipedia's own wiki software for document collaboration)
http://box/nextcloud  Nextcloud 15 (students can store their files/photos on Internet-in-a-Box, like Dropbox and Google Drive)
http://box/runestone  Runestone Interactive Textbooks (proposed, example)
http://box/sugarizer  Sugar Learning Platform originally from One Laptop Per Child

Common network ports are listed in our high-level networking summary. Internet-in-a-Box administrators can also benefit from these web tools:

http://box:9091                Transmission BitTorrent downloader, for KA Lite content provisioning etc
http://box/admin               Admin Console: operators log in here, to improve your Internet-in-a-Box server/system
http://box/munin               Network/Infra monitoring
http://box/awstats/awstats.pl  Usage statistics