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this is so exciting to me...i've been saying that a lot these days

On Thu, December 6, 2018 12:10 pm, danwinter@fractalfield.com wrote:

On 12/6/18 8:55 PM, Kenneth Wyrick wrote:

> Dan,



> I spoke to David and Cat:

> https://www.ourfoods.org/meet-our-team/



> about your imploider systems: https://www.fractalwater.com/



> Do you see a fit with their program?

> https://static1.squarespace.com/static/54d279aae4b0a0180cb800be/t/5a7baadc

> 8165f5f6262bf479/1518054124648/OURFOODS_DIY_AQUAPONICS_KIT_EBOOK.pdf



> IKEA and Tom Dixon Collaborate to Design Products for Urban Farming |

> ArchDaily

> https://www.archdaily.com/906853/ikea-and-tom-dixon-collaborate-to-design-

> products-for-urban-farming


> Ourfoods: http://OurFoods.org

> Compton Community Gardens: http://ComptonGardens.com

> GIVE Urban Farms: http://GiveUrbanFarms.org

> The Ron Finley Project: http://RonFinley.com



Hi Ken

long time!

appreciate your interest

here is our imploder update

Hi  from

dan winter

Thanks for your query about Superimploder for growth and health


Superimploder is the most powerful and most proven

magnetic water treatment for growth

 results reports summaries for Superimploder at


-- our growth delivering


delivers about 35-70 liters per minute at about 30-70 psi pressure

(this nicely does a typical sprinkler head- or home shower)



(commercial users easily parallel them when more than

standard 3/4 inch pipe volumes are needed- this way the magnetic

flux density is still 'off the charts' not possible in a 2 inch pipe)


cost: superimploder is advertised at 750 euro each

 we appreciate growth results reports

so if you agree to share a simple report of your results (photos


our trial offer:

we  offer to ship you a Superimploder(s)  for 470 euro with trackable

ship  (rather heavy 16lb)

by usps.com within 3-7 days

paypal to  www.paypal.me/implosiongroup

-- or direct    lophi618@gmail.com

or we can send paypal request which also takes visa/mc (or bank transfer)

appreciate your interest

(normally superimploders ship within 1 week-

happy to answer questions

dan winter





US line  310 651 8123

time zone is paris




is the confidential link to  my new book complete color pdf- on the physics



I�m moderate on extroversion.




http://rhsrider.net Roosevelt HS Alumni Foundation

http://wecanf.net WECAN Foundation