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BE LA Architecture and Environmental Design


Happy New Year to you and your family on 2019!

Thanks to your dedication and seriousness on the matter, ENCOUNTER LA is Designing and Building multiple projects that facilitated; funding opportunities, exhibits, internships, jobs, innovative centers, partnerships, students' certification by industry/universities, 100% transfer and an incredible network never experienced before in the City of Angels. 

The projects we are developing/implementing are innovative and unique. ENCOUNTER is a TRUE sustainable model that empowers our neighborhoods with skills that makes them thrive and find meaning in life. Other Cities and Colleges started ENCOUNTER efforts that were funded by NSF and Government agencies. These accomplishments should make you very proud because you are part of it.

Some of the projects include:
-Leimert multipurpose park one stop services
-Innovation Center SouthLA  Five Point Youth Foundation
-Recycle concrete stepping stone algorithm
-Recycle Amazon Cardboard Chairs
-Recycle computers for high end visualization
-Black Panther Memorial Design
-Accessory Dwelling Units
-Vertical Urban Trellis for Food to Plate
-Trellis inspired by Nature Patterns
-MacArthur Park Holistic Solution  
-Hemp Construction and ADU
-SPIN  (Homeless Village Holistic Solution)
-ReMAKE LA  Open Architecture Studio
-UrbanRiver Labs
-Biomimicry Street Vending Carts

The goal of ENCOUNTER LA is a community and professional advisory group for LATTC Architecture and Environmental Design Program.
Through ENCOUNTER LA the LATTC Architecture and Environmental Design program provides design and mapping service for 
the community by the community. 

We have so much work to finish and because we are all about DOING, ENCOUNTER LA will only meet twice this year at the end of each semester.  
But please, NOTICE that ENCOUNTER @ Community will meet in other locations at Community spaces like the one Andrew Williams just started.
I will have an ENCOUNTER @ Community also at the PUEDE INNOVATION LABORATORY coming soon.

help me reach out to our community about PUEDE INNOVATION LABORATORY workshops. 
You can reach out to me and see how we can facilitate your projects. PUEDE INNOVATION LABORATORY has an incredible vision and history of DOING. 

It counts with the best metal and wood laser machines. These machines will facilitate the DOING of projects to beautify our communities.


Professor Oliva


Marcela Oliva, Architecture BIM/CAD/GIS Professor
310 994 1185