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information mapping components and relational schemas and systems of inter-operability between systems that include Postgres, PostGIS, Json, javascript, tcl, php

I'm proposing to mashup ERP and LMS w/ Learning Record Stores (LRS) systems

https://github.com/iuri has created

@ Menlo, in containers so we have these and want to create docker images for:
2 distinct ERP Systems running postgresql  
http://tutortronics.net https://github.com/iuri/tutortronics
http://caltek.net  http://odoo.com


2 distinct Learning Management Systems:

http://openeducat.org is a package set of odoo both running on http://caltek.net I use it more than the others for blogging and creating pages.

On 2019-03-14 23:43, dkz wrote: 

Hi, Ken 

I plan to revisit TAPP application on wecanf. 
http://tapp.wecanf.net/  is down now.  it was up last time I checked. Did you start working on it, yet?

tapp forum:


newsletter went out, need to plan for the next several. will you work on http://litli.net with us?

It's a .lrn container running, here at the menlo apartment.  Iuri set it up and is maintaining it. 

my desktop is only port open:

ssh kmw@ with my king98



http://exelearning.net  desktop ouline, edit, publish - i have used this for over 15yrs, now. Publidora could be a series of iDevices- DESKTOP APP
http://211taxonomy.org    job descriptions system run by LA County
http://picounion.net   Sahana Eden Humanitarian Management a Menlo container based on http://turnkeylinux.org/sahana-eden
http://cenic.org   California Education Infrastructure w/ annual conference in mar-apr
http://tamuseum.org  the Compton Airport STEM Lap. Learn to Fly simulator./fabrication/fuel research/ serving 9-21yr.

On 2019-03-17 18:25, dkz wrote:

It's not on bluehost : It's on their Linode (fremont)

On 3/18/19 06:39, kmw wrote:
On 2019-03-14 23:43, dkz wrote: 
Hi, Ken 

I plan to revisit TAPP application on wecanf.

Don't remember password ! Do you ?

where you able to login to bluehost.com 
wecanf  !Degnan@4329 

I have $250 (in the bank) i can pay you to help me setup a 8/10/12/14/16 pg newsletter production, based on individual articles w/images, input and edit, with pre-press output to pdf and html5. 

it could be like we did before on the poetry book or if you have a better system i'm open. 

This is for the Roosevelt High School Alumni Foundation Newsletter 

If it goes well I'll put at least this amount in it for you and something for me. The business model is to do it quarterly and use the website to receive articles and stories. The mailing list for Roosevelt is ~200 from alumni from the 1950's and another 100-300 from other decades. Those that receive a printed copy have responded with sizeable contributions via and enclosed envelop. 


This will lead to doing newsletters for others.