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Embracing Community School Strategies in the Los Angeles Unified School District

LOS ANGELES (June 13, 2017) - Endorsing Community Schooling as an innovative and “holistic” approach to student success, the Board of Education voted today to encourage more schools to transform themselves into neighborhood hubs for children, families and civic partners.

The resolution, called "Embracing Community School Strategies in the Los Angeles Unified School District, directs District staff to craft a proposal to create an initial cohort of schools that would become not only the local educational institution, but a center of community life. Community schools may include enriching academic and extracurricular options; restorative justice programs; health, mental health and other wrap-around services; and activities that engage families and civic partners as vital members of the community.

The staff recommendations, as well as an estimated cost to create a community schools, are due to the board in 90 days.

Board President Steve Zimmer, the resolution’s lead sponsor said, “I am so proud to be part of a board that supports the values and the evidence based strategies of community schooling. I trust the decision the board made today will support the holistic development of the youth of Los Angeles and ensure they have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.”

He added, “This resolution provides a real opportunity to build across the many divides that are separating our communities.”

Board Member Dr. Ref Rodriguez, who co-sponsored the measure said, “I believe our schools belong to the community. I support the community school strategy because it is research-based and calls upon all of us to provide our students with the holistic supports and services they need to thrive in school.”

He continued, “I urge our partners and community members to stay engaged over the next several months to ensure that the implementation of this resolution includes all voices and authentically considers the assets and needs of the diverse communities in this district.”


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