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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Apprenticeship: Promising Practices From the Field – Full-Day Pre-Conference Session – 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Registration fee: $150

Apprenticeship is receiving unprecedented attention and the opportunities in the field have never been greater. This preconference session will focus on what is working in the field, with input from community colleges, industry, and the federal government.

How to Write Competitive NSF ATE Grant Proposals – Half-Day Pre-Conference Session – 12:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

Registration fee: $100

This workshop will focus on teaching attendees how to write competitive grant proposals for the National Science Foundation ATE program. The workshop will cover

• Planning for writing a grant proposal

• Framing an innovative idea and creating goals to support that idea

• General guidelines and timelines for success

• Tips and techniques for completing the many parts that together form the grant proposal

• Developing and engaging key stakeholders, internal and external to the college

• Common mistakes and pitfalls

The workshop will conclude with a sample mock panel review and discussion.

Additionally, a myriad of online resources will be identified for the participants use following the session.

I would suggest begin by using at least Los Angeles and Cincinnati as pilot locations.The proposal may be written with such a plan of action.Dale Sims 

How quickly could WCF and FAU mobilize to help create a nation-wide community college-based cybersecurity curriculum targeting the under-represented, underserved and Veteran students, which will provide the candidates with the knowledge to seek employment and business opportunities in what is considered a critical field of study?There are available funding to create such a program of study and scholarships.Dale Sims 

Awesome....this amount is equivalent to the size of several soverign countries individual military budgets....we should be able to liftup thousands of people.
During the past 20 years, I've noticed that when people discuss community development regarding Black folks they fail to discuss and/or utlize high-paying jobs/business sectors as a catalyst.
Yet they discuss housing....always seem backwards and a short-term fix to me.
Southern California is comprised of a multi-$T ultra high-tech aerospace industry and a major medical corridor supported by numerous research universities. 
Let's first connect our people to these jobs and business opportunities. 
Therefore for Wells Fargo, could you set the following priorities:
-- Partner with California and Los Angeles Community Colleges and fund technical studies and apprenticeship programs in CAD/CAM/CMM, aircraft maintenance technicians, CNC and automation machine programming, additive manufacturing, electrician/HVAC, energy conservation and medical technicians for at least two-years per candidate. 
- Fund with micro-grants, micro-loans and business incubator support for under-represented, underserved and Veteran-owned STEM, Digital Manufacturing, Research and Development business startups for at least 3 to 5-years per business. 
Then start discussing home affordability programs.
Dale Sims 
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The countries who needed to have ratified African Continental Free Trade Are agreement for it to go into effect is 22. Signed is not ratified into law. 
Key for us in US Law and Bilateral relationships that empower African Americans.
Our call on the 31st is for a $150B Wells Fargo Community benefit agreement using that as a framework.
Looking forward to such a meeting,  kets set our agenda. 
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Awesome. Thank you.
1.  I hope your conference is progressing well.
2. Today, I read the following in the news:
"South Africa’s and Togo’s parliaments this month ratified the agreement establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). The total number of countries committing to the deal has thus grown to 49."
3.  I've also read through Fifth Third Bank Investments reports.
-- Although they may have processing/calling centers in California, 5/3 do not have California listed as one of their bank servicing locations.
--  Based on the available documents, their CRAs currently seem to target States whereby they provide services.4.  I will be in Dayton, Ohio, next month. I hope to get additional info about the 5/3 CRA and also look into the Hamilton County school programs for lessons learned.

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