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Afro-Geek Black Speculative ArtsWalk

Leimert Park

I'm requesting that you consider joining our efforts, in some form or fashion!

2019 Annual Leimert Park 

Afro-Geek Black Speculative Artswalk 

held on People Streets and in kaos network.

September (last Sunday of the Month) 

We typically kinda shoot from the hip. So, I can meet up with you there or you can stop by.

I spoke to Ben Caldwell, in August and he requested that I do MakerSpace Rasberry Pi Projects

If you would like to demonstrate/present/participate please let me or Ben know, ASAP.

We need to know who you are and come up with how you would like to be involved and included in the event.

I've done this annually, with Ben for 4yrs.

The TechLeimert Lounge in Kaos, came on the scene 2017. They will do the Lounge again this year.

I'd like to invite the BDPA LA and the Black Tech Group, as well.

My name is Kenneth Wyrick and as http://CalTek.Net

we plan to setup on people street and do Maker FairTurnKeyLinux.org and Distrowatch.com  project installations. 

I would also love to have people bring computers that have become slow, they no longer use or need so we can install DistroWatch distros with them and they take it home or give it to some they know needs a computer OR donate computers we so we will be able to provide them to others more digitally divided.