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African Scientific Institute


The following Black scientists and technologists in the African Diaspora and Africa have recently become Fellows of the African Scientific Institute (ASI)

We now have 1,638 ASI Fellows from 57 countries (Algeria, Angola, Barbados, Benin, Botswana, Brazil, Burkina-Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Colombia, Congo-Brazzaville, Congo-Kinshasa, Cote d'Ivoire, Cuba, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, England, Eritrea, Ethiopia, France, Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Reunion, Rwanda, Sao Tome, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Seychelles, South Africa, Sudan, Suriname, Swaziland, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, United States, Zambia, Zimbabwe). 
More information about ASI Fellows can be found on our website: 
"Black Achievers in Science and Technology", an ASI Fellows Directory!!


The list below keeps you abreast of
our latest ASI Fellows:




New ASI Fellows in March 2020 include:



Charles L. Anderson, M.D. (USA): Physician; Acupuncture


C. Renee Bryant, M.D. (USA): Physician


Cedric A. D'Hue, JD, Ph.D. (USA): Intellectual Property Law; Chemistry


Ron S. Chandler (USA): Chief Information Officer; Electrical Engineering


Clyde Clarke, Ph.D. (USA): Data Science; Electrical Engineering


Fatima Aparecida da Silva Iocca, Ph.D. (Brazil): Biology


James C. Dalton, P.E. (USA): Director of Civil Works, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE); Civil Engineering


Julius H. Jackson, Ph.D. (USA): Microbiology (genetics)


Patrick Griffith, M.D. (USA): Neurology


Aurele M. Houngbedji, Ph.D. (Benin): Mathematical Finance

Andra Johnson, Ph.D. (USA): Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology Development: Forestry Management

Jonathan Miller (USA): Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering


Winnie Mpanju-Shumbusho, M.D. (Tanzania/Switzerland): Former Assistant Director General, World Health Organization; and Board Chair, RBM Partnership to End Malaria


Shadrack Moephuli, Ph.D. (South Africa): President and CEO, Agricultural Research Council; Biochemistry


Nawej Mwez, Ph.D. (USA): Electrical Engineering


Kwaku Ohene-Frempong, M.D. (Ghana/USA): President, Ghana Sickle Cell Foundation; Pediatrics

Barnabas Nawangwe, Ph.D. (Uganda): University Vice Chancellor; Architecture


Souleye Wade, Ph.D. (Senegal): Director, African Institute of Geomatics; Geosciences


Didier P. Yapi, M.D. (Ivory Coast): Physician

Edmund M. Ndip, Ph.D. (Cameroon /USA): Chemistry

Schallum Pierre, Ph.D. (Canada): Technology Entrepreneurship


Ruth Oniang'o, Ph.D. (Kenya): Editor-in-Chief, African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development; Food Science and Nutrition


Troy Story, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Augustine Onwukwe, M.D. (Nigeria/USA): CEO, Niamey Medical Foundation; Physician


Ussif Rashid Sumaila, Ph.D. (Canada): Director, Fisheries Economics Research Unit at the UBC Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries


Erica Taylor, Ph.D. (USA): Immunology


Latanya Sweeney, Ph.D. (USA): Computer Science


Thaddeus Ulzen, M.D. (Ghana/USA): Chair, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine


Connie Walton, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Laure Gouba, Ph.D. (Burkina-Faso/Italy): Mathematical Physics



New ASI Fellows in February 2020 include:


Marcus W. Shute, Ph.D., P.E. (USA): Mechanical Engineering (fiber optics; optical networks; wireless networks; materials/nanotechnology; agile technology development and commercialization)


* Abel Idowu Olayinka, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Geology, Vice Chancellor, University of Ibadan


Julius Arinaitwe, Ph.D. (Uganda): Environmental Sciences, Vice Chancellor, Metropolitan International University


Usman Kbon Ado, Ph.D. (Nigeria): (Environmental Sciences-Remote Sensing and GIS), Associate Professor and Head, Department of Geography and Environmental Management


Randy Washington, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Magnus U. Amajirionwu, Ph.D. (Uganda): Environmental Sciences, Vice Chancellor, Virtual University of Uganda


Paul Waako, Ph.D. (Uganda): Ugandan Pharmacologist, serves as the Vice Chancellor of Busitema University


Adamu Aliero, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Biological Sciences, Dean, Faculty of Science


Godwin Unachukwu, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Mechanical Engineering and Former Director, University Center for Energy Research


Arthur J. Hicks, Ph.D. (USA): Biology; Program Director of the National Science Foundation's Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP)


* Amin O. Igwegbe, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Food Science. Head, Department of Food Science and Technology


Marcos Lopes Dias, Ph.D. (Brazil): Chemical Engineering


Leo C. McAfee, Jr., Ph.D. (USA): Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Salome Bwayo Weaver, PharmD. (USA): Vice Chair, Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy Sciences


Yolanda R. Hicks, Ph.D. (USA): Research Engineer and lead for the Advanced Opticals Diagnostics team


Akil Hinds, M.D. (Trinidad and Tobago): Medical Doctor at Port of Spain General Hospital


* John Kioli (Kenya): Chief Executive Officer at Green Africa Foundation and Chairman Kenya Climate Change Working Group


Kearabilwe G. Mabala, Ph.D. (South Africa): Nuclear Physicist


Joseph Muguwa, Ph.D. (Uganda): Parasitology and Medical Entomology


Adamson S. Muula, Ph.D. (Malawi): Epidemiology and Public Health


Damien Narcisse, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Vincent Nkong-Njock (Senegal): Nuclear Engineering; Energy Solutions


Simuli L. Wabuyele, Ph.D. (USA): Clinical Bio-analytical Chemistry; Clinical Toxicology



New ASI Fellows in January 2020 include:


Roderick Jackson, Ph.D. (USA): Mechanical Engineering (energy transfer and storage in building materials and systems)

Ambika Mathur, Ph.D. (USA): Immunology and Microbiology; University Graduate School Dean


Rhonda Mattox, M.D. (USA): Medical Director


Patrick Nana-Sinkam, M.D. (Cameroon/USA): University Professor of Medicine and Chair of the Division of Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine


Joycelynn Nelson, Ph.D. (USA): Computational Biophysics


Toochukwu Ogwueleka, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Civil Engineering (Water Resources and Environmental Engineering)


F. George Njoroge, Ph.D. (Kenya/USA): Chemistry


Bisrat Hailemeskel, Ph.D. (Ethiopia/USA): Pharmacy

Berth Ntanga Atik, M.D. (Congo/Italy): FAO Medical Officer - UN Health Manager

Godswill Ntsomboh Ntsefong, Ph.D. (Cameroon): Biotechnology


Chris Nwoguh, Ph.D. (Nigeria/England): Biotechnology; Deputy Director and Head of Business Development


Dominique M. Carter, Ph.D. (USA): Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics


Akinlolu Ojo, M.D., Ph.D. (Nigeria/USA): Epidemiology


Irvin Osborne-Lee, Ph.D. (USA): Professor,  Chemical Engineering


Diego Mpia Elenge, M.D. (Congo/Belgium): Medical Doctor; Infectious Diseases; Epidemiologist; Vaccinologist


Harissou Ouro (USA): Hydraulic Engineering


Victor Perry, M.D. (USA): Neurosurgery, Brain & Spinal Tumor, Epilepsy Surgery, Pediatric Neurosurgery


Darryll J. Pines, Ph.D. (USA): Mechanical Engineering; University Dean, School of Engineering


Russell Reid, M.D. (USA): Pediatric Plastic Surgeon; Craniomaxillofacial Surgery


Robert Rono, M.D. (Kenya): Epidemiology and Healthcare Management


Olanrewaju Oladimeji, M.D., Ph.D. (Nigeria): Epidemiology & Biostatistics


Karyn D. Scissum Gunn, Ph.D. (USA): Molecular Genetics


Geoffrey S. Simate, Ph.D. (South Africa): Chemical Engineering


John Kilama, Ph.D. (Uganda/USA): Medicinal Chemistry

Dwayne D. Simmons, Ph.D. (USA): University Department Chair, Biology


Sheldon Takeall, Ph.D. (USA): Physics


Paul B, Tchounwou, Ph.D. (Cameroon/USA): Molecular Toxicology


Ken Washington, Ph.D. (USA): Nuclear Engineering; Automobile Company Vice President, Research and Advanced Engineering and Chief Technology Officer

Levi T. Thompson, Ph.D. (USA): Chemical Engineering; University Dean, College of Engineering


Fadel Toure, Ph.D. (Canada): Software Engineering; Mathematics


Daniel Wubah, Ph.D. (USA): University President; Botany & Microbiology


Jonathan Lukusa Tshimwanga, M.D. (Congo/Namibia): Medicine


Vassie Ware, Ph.D. (USA): Molecular Biology


Suzanne L. Weekes, Ph.D. (Trinadad-Tobago/USA): Mathematics and Scientific Computing


Gabriel Guilsou Kolaye, Ph.D. (Cameroon): Mathematics



New ASI Fellows in December 2019 include:


Rafael Sanzio Araújo dos Anjos, Ph.D. (Brazil): Applied Cartography and Geographic Information (CIGA)


Charles Cudjoe, M.D. (Nigeria): Chief Medical Director


Robin N. Coger, Ph.D. (USA): Mechanical Engineering


Johnnie Early II, Ph.D. (USA): Pharmacology and Toxicology


George Coles, Ph.D. (USA): Physics


James McLurkin, Ph.D. (USA): Robotics


Raul G. Cuero, Ph.D. (Colombia/USA): Microbiology


Atahirou Karbo, Ph.D. (Niger): Hydrogeology


Gary LeRoy, M.D. (USA): Medicine


Charles Milligan, Ph.D. (USA): Mechanical Engineering


David Moody, Ph.D. (USA): Mechanical Engineering


Nicholas A. Othieno-Abiniya, M.D. (Kenya):Hematology/Oncology


Maud Muchuweti, Ph.D. (Zimbabwe): Biochemistry


Sidy Ndao, Ph.D. (Senegal/USA): Mechanical Engineering (Nano and Microsystems)


Wil Ngwa, Ph.D. (Cameroon/USA): Radiation Oncology


Edosa Omoregie, Ph.D. (Namibia): Fisheries


Mamon M. Powers, Jr., Ph.D. (USA): Civil Engineering


Bruce Ovbiagele, Ph.D. (Nigeria/USA): Neurology


Leon Phillips, III, Ph.D. (USA): Applied Physics


Serge Pierre-Louis, M.D. (USA): Neurologist


Bashiru Raji, Ph.D. (Nigeria): President at Soil Science Society; Soil Science


Chris Rakuom (Kenya): Former Director Nursing Services, Ministry of Health; Nursing

Michael A. Smith, Ph.D. (USA): Electrical and Computer Engineering

Bryan K. Wallace, Ph.D. (USA): Physics


Thomas Sukwa, Ph.D. (Zambia): Public Health and Epidemiology


Stéphane Tala, M.D. (France): Social Medicine and Public Health - Infectiology


Baheru Zeyenu (Ethiopia): Company CEO; Computer Science


Valerie E. Taylor, Ph.D. (USA): Electrical and Computer Engineering


* Maya A. Trotz, Ph.D. (Guyana/USA): Chemical and Environmental Engineering


Shem O. Wandiga, Ph.D. (Kenya): Chemistry

Babu G. Welch, M.D. (USA): Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery, Interventional Neuroradiology

Bob A. Lubamba, Ph.D. (Congo/USA): Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Aziz Amine, Ph.D. (Morocco): Analytical Chemistry (BioSensors)



New ASI Fellows in November 2019 include:


Jabari Zakiya, (USA): Electrical Engineering

William Kwame Buah, Ph.D. (Ghana): Minerals Engineering and Waste Processing Engineering

Tepper L Gill, Ph.D. (USA): Mathematics

Clement O. Ogunkunle, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Plant Biology

Samuel Adeloju, Ph.D. (Nigeria/Australia): Chemistry

Said Ait Benali, M.D. (Morocco): Neurosurgery

Michael Blackwell, DVM (USA): Veterinary Medicine

Barbara Mugwanya Zawedde, Ph.D. (Uganda): Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology

Ruth Browne, Ph.D. (USA): Public Health

Lester Chitsulo, Ph.D. (Malawi): Parasitology

Alfred J. da Silva, M.D. (Ivory Coast): Medicine

Anthony Cochran, Ph.D. (USA): Physics

William A. Cooper, M.D. (USA): Cardiovascular Surgery

Astrid K. Mack, M.D. (USA): Pediatric Hematologist

Darius Crenshaw, Ph.D. (USA): Electrical Engineering

Randall Dalton, M.D. (USA): Otolaryngologist

Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu, Ph.D. (Ghana/USA): Control Systems Engineering; Mobile Robotics

Jimmie L. Davis, Jr., Ph.D. (USA): Electrical Engineering

Charles DeShazer, M.D. (USA): Internal Medicine Physician Executive

Christine Grant, Ph.D. (USA): Chemical Engineering

Jean-Marie Dimandja, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry

Robert P. Dottin Ph.D. (USA): Biology

Alexandra Graham, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry

George Magoha, M.D. (Kenya): Urological Surgery; Chairman at Kenya National Examinations Council, and President Association of Medical Councils of Africa (AMCOA).

Henshaw Mandi, M.D. (Cameroon):Public Health Physician

Monde Ntwasa, Ph.D. (South Africa): Biochemistry

Washington O. Ochola, Ph.D. (Tanzania): Austainable Agriculture

Madara Ogot, Ph.D. (Kenya): Mechanical Engineering

Bartholomew Ndubuisi Okolo, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Bioscience & Biotechnology; Former Vice-Chancellor at University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Herman B. White, Jr., Ph.D. (USA): Physicist

Senyo Opong, Ph.D., P.E. (USA): Chemical Engineering

Ida S. Owens, Ph.D. (USA): Physiology

Reginald Parker, Ph.D. (USA): Chemical Engineering

Nia Malika Perkins, DVM (USA): Veterinary Medicine

Michael Vaughan, Ph.D. (USA): Civil Engineering

Martin Philbert, Ph.D. (USA): Neurochemistry and Experimental Neuropathology

Emile Pierre M.D. (USA): Physician

Edem Tetteh, Ph.D. (USA): Industrial and Systems Engineering

Endawoke Yizengaw, Ph.D. (Ethiopia/USA): Space Science



New ASI Fellows in October 2019 include:

Ashton R. Cook, Ph.D. (USA): Meteorology


George L. Askew, M.D. (USA): The first Chief Medical Officer for the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).


Kétévi Adiklè Assamagan, Ph.D., (Gabon/USA): Experimental Particle Physics


Victor O. Chude, Ph.D., (Nigeria): President at Soil Science Society of Nigeria


Cedric Fairbanks, Ph.D. (USA): Corporate Lead Engineer; Civil Engineering


Christian Clement, Ph.D. (Ghana/USA): Microbiology and Immunology


Trina L. Coleman, Ph.D. (USA): Theoretical Nuclear Physics; STEM Education


Desalegn Degefaw, DVM (Ethiopia): University President; Tropical Veterinary Medicine


Sheldon D. Fields PhD, RN (USA): Nursing


Sandra Delauder, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Velma Deleveaux, Ph.D. (USA): Corporate Exec.; Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering


Tabbetha Dobbins, Ph.D. (USA): Materials Engineering


Onyemmaechi Ekechukwu, Ph.D. (Nigeria): University Dean of Engineering; Chemistry


Barineme B. Fakae, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Tropical Animal Health (Parasitology)


Luis Saturnino Herrera Martínez, Ph.D. (Cuba): Founder and Director General of the Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology


Krishna Foster, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Joseph S. Francisco, Ph.D. (USA): Past President of the American Chemical Society and past President of the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE)


Devyn D. Gillette, Ph.D. (USA): Microbiology and Immunology


Rosa Katemari, Ph.D. (Brazil): Physics Education


Stephane Gokou, M.D. ((Ivory Coast): Medcine


* Samson Gwer, Ph.D., MBChB(MD) (Kenya): Child Neurology; Pediatrics


Leon L Haley Jr , M.D. (USA): University CEO at University Health and Dean, University College of Medicine

Tuajuanda Jordan, Ph.D. (USA): College President; Biochemistry


Regina Hampton, M.D. (USA): Medical Director, breast cancer care

Stacey D. Hill, Ph.D. (USA): Applied and Computational Mathematics

Khadija I. Yahya Malima, Ph.D. (Tanzania):Epidemiology Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Chief Research Health Officer at Tanzania Commision for Science and Technology

K. Renee Horton, Ph.D. (USA): Electrical Engineering; NASA Space Launch System (SLS) Quality Control; Past President of the National Society of Black Physicists (NSBP)


Yancey Hrobowski, Ph.D. (USA): Microbiology and Molecular Virology


Deogratius Jaganyi, Ph.D. (Rwanda): University Director of Research and Innovation


Frantz Jean-Francois, Ph.D. (USA) Chemical Physics


Coco N. Kapanda, Ph.D. (Congo/USA): Medicinal Chemistry - Molecular Pharmacology


Sharon Kennedy, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry; Board Member of the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE)


Bitombokele Lunguani (Angola): President, Angolan Association of Inventors and Innovators


Walter Kimble, Ph.D. (USA): Chemical Engineering


Mark E. Lee, Ph.D. (USA): Biochemistry; College Member of Board of Trustees


Motodi Maserumule, Ph.D. ( South Africa): Mathematics, Hydrodynamic Stability; Divisional Group Executive: Mining Manufacturing Defense & Security at Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)


Andre McDonald, Ph.D., P.Eng. (Canada): Mechanical Engineering


* Loyiso Nongxa, Ph.D. (SouthAfrica): Mathematics; Former University Vice Chancellor


Charles P. Mouton, M.D., University Executive Vice President, Provost, and Dean, School of Medicine



New ASI Fellows in September 2019 include:


* Babatunde A. Ogunnaike, Ph.D. (Nigeria/USA): Chemical Engineering


John A.W. Harkless, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Lucile Adams-Campbell, Ph.D. (USA):Assoc. Dir., Minority Health & Health Disparities Research; Professor of Oncology


Stephon Alexander, Ph.D. (USA): Physicist and Musician


Joseph A. Whittaker, Ph.D. (USA): Vice President for Research and Economic Development/Associate Provost; Physiology and Biophysics


Jean Andino, Ph.D. (USA): Chemical Engineering


Jason Calhoun, Ph.D. (USA): Science Education Leadership; Chemistry


Evans Chirwa, Ph.D. (South Africa): Civil Engineering (Environmental)


Cornelia D. Gillyard, Ph.D. (USA): Organoarsenic Chemistry


Kevin B. Churchwell, M.D. (USA): Executive Vice President of Health Affairs and Chief Operating Officer at Boston Children's Hospital; Medicine


William T. Johnson, J.D. (USA): Company Executive, Telemedicine


Paul Cotton, Ph.D. (USA): Director, Division of Nutrition at USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture; Nutrition


M. Chantale Damas, Ph.D. (USA): Physics


Austin Demby, Ph.D. (USA): Deputy Director, Office of Global Health at Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSAgov), HHS; Microbiology


Onyemaechi V. Ekechukwu, Ph.D. (Nigeria): University Dean of Engineering; Mechanical Engineering (Applied Energy)


Stanley Frencher, Jr., M.D. (USA): Director, Surgical Outcomes and Quality; Medicine


Johnna Frierson, Ph.D. (USA): Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion for, School of Engineering ; Microbiology and Immunology


Koffi Akpagana, Ph.D. (Togo): Microbiology


Joan M. Frye, Ph.D. (USA): Ret'd Former Acting Deputy Office Head, Office of Integrative Activities, National Science Foundation; Chemistry


Michele Goe, Ph.D. (USA): Materials Science and Engineering


E. Fallou Guèye, Ph.D. (Senegal): Agricultural Sciences (Animal Production)


Kangni Kinvi, Ph.D. (Ivory Coast): Mathematics


Namugenyi Loi Mirembe, Ph.D. (Uganda): Head S&T Information Management Services - National Council for Science and Technology : Computer Science


Daphne Young, DDS (USA): Dentistry


Udeme Enin, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Tropical Aquaculture and Fisheries



New ASI Fellows in August 2019 include:

Gilbert L. Rochon, III, Ph.D. (USA): Epidemiology and Public Health


Francis Ali-Osman, M.D. (Ghana/USA): Neuro-Oncology Research


Alan A. Arnold, Ph.D. (USA): Oncology and Cancer Biology; STEM Research


A. Jean-Luc Ayitou, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Amel Omer Bakhiet, Ph.D. (Sudan): Veterinary Medicine


Aissata B. Hassane, Ph.D. (Niger): Geophysics; Hydrogeology


Ernest Carter, M.D., Ph.D. (USA): Health Information Technology, BioEngineering


Gerald L. R. Weatherspoon, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Kenneth Carter, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Farisai Chidzwondo, Ph.D. (Zimbabwe): Plant Molecular Biology


Muntuwenkosi Chili, Ph.D. (South Africa): Mathematics


Agbaje M. Olugbenga, Ph.D. (Nigeria):Computer Science


Philip Christian, M.D. (USA): Chief Medical Officer; Primary Care and Emergency Medicine


André Churchwell, M.D. (USA): University Dean for Diversity Affairs, Cardiology


Ndumiso Cingo, Ph.D. (South Africa): Chemistry


Lambert Kanga, Ph.D. (USA): Parasitology; Entomology


Steven Clark, M.D. (USA): Plastic & Hand Surgery


* Sibrina Collins, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Awa Mar, Ph.D. (Senegal): Solar Energy, Materials and Systems


Kimberly Cook-Chennault, Ph. D. (USA): Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


Phil O. Crews, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Koffi Dagnon, Ph.D. (USA): Materials Science and Engineering


Juan E. Gilbert, Ph.D. (USA): Database, Data Science and Informatics


Thomas Dakurah, M.D. (Ghana): Neurosurgery


Stanley P. Davis, Ph.D. (USA): Urban Forestry and Natural Resources


Duane Howard, Ph.D. (USA): Electrical and Computer Engineering (RF/Microwave Engineer)


Ashley Huderson, Ph.D. (USA): Manager of Engineering Education:; Biochemistry


Tasha R. Inniss, Ph.D. (USA): University Assoc. Provost for Research; Applied Mathematics


Chad Jackson, Ph.D. (USA): Molecular & Systems Pharmacology


Enna Trevathan, Ph.D. (USA): Nursing


Erich Jarvis, Ph.D. (USA): Neuroscience


Tichaona Mangwende, Ph.D. (South Africa): Plant Molecular Virology-Maize Streak Virus


Jermey N. A. Matthews, Ph.D. (USA): Chemical Engineering


Aletha Maybank, M.D., MPH (USA): Deputy Commissioner, Department of Health & Founding Director, Center for Health Equity


Billy M. Williams, (USA): Vice President, Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion at American Geophysical Union; Chemistry


Scott W. Williams, Ph.D. (USA): Mathematics


Lance Young, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Oluyomi S Adeyemi, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Biochemistry


Kalulu Taba, Ph.D. (Congo, DRC): Chemistry


Damien Tshibangu, Ph.D. (Congo, DRC): Chemistry


Adebayo Fashina, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Physics



New ASI Fellows in July 2019 include:

Teguest Guerma, M.D. (Senegal/France): Medicine; Former Director  General of the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF)

Levi I. Nwankwo, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Physics

Robin S. Broughton, Ph.D. (USA): Microbiology and Immunology


* Jill J. Keith, Ph.D. (USA): Biochemistry

Sanna Gaspard, Ph.D. (USA): Biomedical Engineering

Imane Adraoui, Ph.D. (Morrocco): Biotechnology

Abdoulaye D. Bourre, M.D. (Senegal): Medicine

Reggie Brothers, Ph.D. (USA): Electrical Engineering

Leonard Egede, M.D. (USA): Internal Medicine

Warren Buck, Ph.D. (USA): Theoretical Relativistic Nuclear Physics

Nicolas Bussard, Ph.D. (United Kingdom): Information Technology and Mathematics

Nicole Campbell, Ph.D.(USA): Physicist and Electrical Engineer

Dwight Carr, Ed.D. (USA): Education; MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Amor Chermiti, Ph.D. (Tunisia): Agricultural Sciences

John Flack, M.D. (USA): Internal Medicine

Edward Chikuni, Ph.D. (Zimbabwe): Electrical Engineering

Michael Dae, M.D. (USA): Nuclear Medicine

Bailo Diallo, M.D. (Guinea): Medical Epidemiologist

Kimberly D. Whitehead, Ph.D. (USA): Genetics

Kristin Dortch (USA): Chemistry

Marizilda dos Santos Menezes, Ph.D. (Brazil): Urban Environmental Structures

Christine Dranzoa, Ph.D. (Uganda): Wildlife Scientist

William Emanuel, Ph.D. (USA): Electrical and Computer Engineering

McLean Sibanda (South Africa): Engineering

Krystal R. Fontenot, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry

Cheryl Gomillion, Ph.D. (USA): BioEngineering

Jill J. (Keith) Harp, Ph.D. (USA): Biochemistry; University Chair Department: Biological Sciences

Leonard Rockett, Ph.D. (USA): Electrical Engineering; Company Executive

Stephen Ruffin, Ph.D. (USA): Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Ramotholo Sefako, Ph.D. (South Africa): Astronomy and Astrophysics

Harold Stinger (USA): Systems Engineering; Chairman of the Board for the Maryland Science, Exploration and Education Center (SEEC)

Cash Sutton III, P.E. (USA): Electrical Engineering

Patricia A. Tatem, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry

Mumina Wa-kyendo (Kenya): Civil Engineering; Transportation Systems

Charles Thompson, Ph.D. (USA): Electrical and Computer Engineering

Adel Trabelsi, Ph.D. (Tunisia): Particle Physics; President of Tunisian Physics Society

Leslie Upton, Ph.D. (USA): Physics

Angela Vines, Ph.D. (USA): Biology

Isiah M. Warner, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry

Ramsey L. Smith, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry

Mallory Williams, M.D. (USA): Chief of Trauma, Critical Care, & Acute Care Surgery



New ASI Fellows in June 2019 include:


Shirley Malcom, Ph.D. (USA); Director, Education and Human Resources Programs (EHR), AAAS; Ecology; Zoology


Wanida Lewis, Ph.D. (USA): Food Science


Kunle Adeyemi (Nigeria/USA): Architecture

Andrew G. Alleyne, Ph.D. (USA): Mechanical Engineering

Amalene Cooper-Morgan, Ph.D. (USA): Biology


Jude O. Amaefule, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Company Executive; Petroleum Engineering


Carol J. Bennett, M.D. (USA): Physician - Urologist


Reynolds Brobey, Ph.D. (Ghana/USA): Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Nelly Iteba, M.D. (Tanzania/Tunisia): International Health


Michael Burke, Ph.D. (USA): Polymer Science


Corey Frazier, Ph.D., P.E. (USA): Mechanical Engineering


Albert Butare, Ph.D. (Rwanda): Energy and Industrial Engineering


Hugo Caicedo, Ph.D. (Colombia/USA): Bioengineer / Neurobiologist / Systems Architect

Alex J. Carlisle, Ph.D. (USA): Chairman and CEO, National Alliance Against Disparities in Patient Health; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Justin Sonaa Dakorah, M.D. (Ghana): Occupational Health


Agnes A. Day, Ph.D. (USA): Microbiology


João Fumane, M.D. (Mozambique): Medicine


Solomon T. Garner, Jr., Ph.D. (USA): Pharmaceutics


Roosevelt Gentry, Ph.D. (USA): Mathematics


Sean Jones, Ph.D. (USA): Materials Science and Engineering


Gabriel Kabanda, Ph.D. (Zimbabwe):Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Academy of Sciences; Computer Science


Abdul B Kamara, Ph.D. (Sierra Leone): Agricultural Economics and Rural Development


Oyelami B. Oyediran, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Mathematics


Abebe Kebede, Ph.D. (Ethiopia/USA): Space Science and Condensed Matter Physics

Ashley Kennedy, Ph.D. (USA): Clinical Trials Program Coordinator at National Institutes of Health; Molecular and Systems Pharmacology

Andre Tagne Sado (Ivory Coast): Biochemistry


Ambrose Kipchumba Kiprop, Ph.D. (Kenya): Geosciences


Adrian Land, Ph.D. (USA): Microbiology


Anderson Sunda-Meya, Ph.D. (Congo/USA): Condensed Matter and Materials Physics


Brian Lawrence, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Bongani Maseko, Ph.D. (South Africa): Plant Pathology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Technology Management


A. Boh Ruffin, Ph.D. (USA): Applied Physics; Manufacturing Technology and Engineering



New ASI Fellows in May 2019 include:


* Hon. Ositadimma Chinedu Nebo, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Former Nigeria Minister of Power and Former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka; Materials/Metallurgical Engineering


H.E. Koffi Akpagana, Ph.D. (Togo): Minister of Higher Education and Research; Botany


Lemu Golassa, Ph.D. (Ethiopia): Tropical and Infectious Diseases


Philip S. Hart, Ph.D. (USA): Urban Land Development


Rhonda Franklin, Ph.D. (USA): Electrical Engineering (microwave and millimeter wave applications)


Ghada Amer, Ph.D. (Egypt): Electrical Engineering


Charles Anderson (USA): Civil and Environmental Engineering


Nyerhovwo Tonukari, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Biochemistry


Ramble Ankumah, Ph.D. (Ghana/USA): Soil Biochemistry and Environmental Engineering


Curtis L. Patton, Ph.D. (USA): Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases


Sampson Agodzo, Ph.D. (Ghana): Soils Engineering


Candiss Williams, Ph.D. (USA): Agronomy- Environmental Soil & Aquatic Systems Chemistry


Alain Moise Dikande, Ph.D. (Cameroon): Physics


Miriti Kiraitu, M.D. (Kenya): Gastrointestinal Surgeon


Samuel O. Asagba, Ph.D. (Nigeria): University Deputy Vice Chancellor; Biochemistry


Olusegun O. Olubode, Ph.D. (Nigeria) Horticulture


Uche Agomuo (USA): Mechanical & Industrial Engineering


Robert Asiedu, Ph.D. (Ghana): Director, Research for Development, for IITA-West Africa; Agricultural Science


Craig Green, Ph.D. (USA): Mechanical Engineering


Courtland Bivens (USA): Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Bilal Bomani, Ph.D. (USA): Computer Engineering specializing in Applied Physics


Paul K. King, M.D. (USA): Neurosurgeon


Carl Bonner, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Sow Djiby, Ph.D. (Senegal): Mathematics and Cryptology


Jennifer Botchway, Ph.D. (USA): Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics


* Emery N. Brown, M.D., Ph.D. (USA): Statistician, Neuroscientist and Anesthesiologist

Tracie Collins, M.D. (USA): Dean, University College of Population Health; Preventive Medicine and Public Health

Charles B. Cook, Ph.D. (USA): Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Emmanuel Dada, Ph.D. (USA): Chemical Engineering


Aligui Djiteye, Ph.D. (Mali): Medical Entomology & Parasitology


Marshala Lee, M.D. (USA): Family Medicine


Jean Muhammad, Ph.D. (USA): University Chair, Computer Science


Renee T. Williams, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


LaToya Myles, Ph.D. (USA): Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Science


Andre Tagne Sado (Cameroon): Biochemistry


Mourad Telmini, Ph.D. (Tunisia): Atomic Physics


Charles Biney, Ph.D. (Ghana): Chemistry



New ASI Fellows in April 2019 include:


Paul G. C. Hector, Ph.D. (Trinidad/Egypt): UNESCO International Development; Civil Engineering


Fenda Akiwumi, Ph.D. (USA): Environmental Resources (particularly water, and minerals)


Robert L. Shepard, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Abubakar S Sambo, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Former Vice Chancellor of Kaduna State University and former Director General of the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN); Mechanical Engineering


Mulumebet Worku, Ph.D. (Ethipia/USA): Animal Science


Kearabilwe Given Mabala, Ph.D. (South Africa): Nuclear Physics


Oladapo M. Babatunde, M.D. (USA): Sports Medicine


Theeshan Bahorun, Ph.D. (Mauritius): Marine Pharmaceuticals and Applied BioChemistry


Cherise Bernard, Ph.D. (USA): Pharmacology and Molecular Biology


John-Paul Clarke, Ph.D. (USA): Aeronautics and Astronautics


Lance R. Collins, Ph.D. (USA): Chemical Engineering


Louis C. Dale, Ph.D. (USA): Mathematics


Raymond L. Johnson, Ph.D. (USA): Mathematics


Lionel O. Pittman, Jr., Ph.D. (USA): Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical/Space Engineering


Z. Aziza Baccouche, Ph.D. (USA): Nuclear Physics


Kristala Jones Prather, Ph.D. (USA): Chemical Engineering


Dotsevi Yao Sogah, Ph.D. (Ghana/USA): Chemistry


Davis Balaba, Ph.D. (USA): Data Science (Virtual and Augmented Reality)


Myron Williams, Ph.D. (USA): Biology


* James Bailey (USA): Electrical Engineering



New ASI Fellows in March 2019 include:


Iman Abuel Maaly, Ph.D. (Sudan): Electrical Engineering


Julius Ade, M.D., Ph.D. (USA): Epidemiology


Uzodinma Adirieje, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Healthcare Mgmt.; Optometry


Thomas Afullo, Ph.D. (Kenya/South Africa): Electrical Engineering


Robert Chambers, Ph.D. (USA): Urban Forestry and Natural Resources


Billy J. Evans, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Olalekan Akinbo, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Biosafety; Plant Genetics


Silvio Almada (Angola): Computer Science


Nikoi Annan, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry; Building Materials


Jelel Ezzine, Ph.D. (Tunisia): Founding Chair Holder of UNESCO Chair on Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy; Electrical Engineering


Emmanuel Aouad, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Solomon Assefa, Ph.D. (USA): Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Boubakar Barry, Ph.D. (Ghana): CEO at West and Central African Research and Education Network; Nuclear Electronics


James Beaty, Ph.D. (USA): Energy Solutions; BioMedical Engineering


Sandra K. Johnson, Ph.D. (USA): Electrical Engineering


Eboni Chaffee, Ph.D. (USA): Materials Science and Engineering


Paul T. Charles (USA): Research Chemistry


Sisay Dugassa, Ph.D. (Ethiopia): Medical and Veterinary Entomology


Emmanuel Fombu, M.D. (USA): Medicine; Artificial Intelligence


Ronald D. Lewis, II, Ph.D. (USA): Medicinal Chemistry


Lenny Lomax, M.D. (USA): Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine


Robbin Chapman, Ph.D. (USA): Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Hassan Loutfi, Ph.D. (Egypt): Civil and Structural Engineering


Thulani Makhalanyane, Ph.D. (South Africa): Microbiology; Metagenomics


Stephen Roberts, M.D. (USA): Healthcare Executive; Physician


Naphtali Mokgalapa, Ph.D. (South Africa): Nuclear Engineering


Mary A. Smith, Ph.D. (USA): Biology


Halima Moncrieffe, Ph.D. (England) Immunology


David E. Montgomery, M.D. (USA): Cardiology, Preventive Medicine


Ahmad Sylvester, Ph.D. (USA): Neuroscience


Vernon R. Morris, Ph.D. (USA): Earth and Atmospheric Sciences; Chemistry


Azwinndini Muronga, Ph.D. (South Africa): Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics


Joan Y. Reede, M.D. (USA): Harvard Medical School's Inaugural Dean for Diversity and Community Partnership; Physician


Lauren D. Thomas, Ph.D. (USA): Engineering Education; Machine Learning


William E. Walden, Ph.D. (USA): Microbiology & Immunology


Youssef Travaly, Ph.D. (Rwanda): Materials Science


Marlon Thomas, Ph.D. (USA): BioEngineering and BioMedical Engineering


Bismark Tyobeka, Ph.D. (South Africa): Applied Radiation Science and Technology: Nuclear Power


Abel U. Udoh, Ph.D. (Botswana): Hydrobiology-Limnology


David Van Valen, M.D., Ph.D. (USA): Biology and BioEngineering


VC, Ephraim Tobela Gwebu, Ph.D. (Zimbabwe): Vice-Chancellor, Solusi University, Zimbabwe; Physiological Chemistry (Medical Biochemistry)


Marc Anton Walters, Ph.D. (USA): Chemistry


Gregory Washington, Ph.D. (USA): University Dean of Engineering; Mechanical Engineering


James Daniel Whitfield, Ph.D. (USA): Quantum Computing / Electronic Structure; Physics


Frances Williams, Ph.D. (USA): Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Hubert Winston, Ph.D. (USA): Chemical Engineering


Dagnachew Wold (USA): CEO at Africa Broadband Satellite (AfBS); Mechanical Engineering


Teshager Wondale, M.D. (Ethiopia): Pediatric Ophthtalmologist and Strabismus Surgeon


Rodrigue Yossa, Ph.D. (Cameroon): Aquaculture


Maliafisha S. Tladi, Ph.D. (South Africa): Applied Mathematics


Abd El-Fatah Abomohra, Ph.D. (Egypt): Biomass and Biofuel Production


Lionel Obadiah Pittman Jr., Ph.D. (USA): Physics and Engineering


Bai Kendrick Blyden (USA): Electrical Engineering; Electric Power Systems





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