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Boutique Ad

Subject: FWD: New City, Boutique Advertisement
From: education@funandmoneynews.com
Date: 3/30/19 8:48 am
To: Kmw@caltek.net

HalleluYAH Hail YAHUAH Bless in YAHUHUA'S Name. 
Dear Kenneth,
It was good speaking with You at the Dream Center Thursday. Please see attachment for helping to end homelessness.   Thank You.
Thank You for Your assistance with Community Partners.
We look forward to hearing from You.  Thank You.
Please Vote every day until April 1st for Us. Thank You. 
Please click on link. Thank You. 
Sincerely Yours, 
Chaplain Ruth Summers Tweedle aka Queenii and 
We have spoken previously about building a city.
Our plan for a New City is attached.  Please See the attached Executive Summary.  New cities are being built.  We can etch out a space in currently nonproductive, buildable land, with water; and bring industry to the area creating jobs for current Neighbors while making homes that Persons with lower incomes can afford easily.  Take a look and let's talk.  Thank You.
Thank You for Your interest in Fun and Money News.
If You and Your Associates have any questions or choose to participate please feel free to call.
Our little magazine/paper is a boutique piece which is utilized to market events to specific locales near an event.  People near an event have the highest marginal propensity to attend because of proximity to the event, and the highest propensity for repeat business.  We scatter broad in order to pick up those Outliers Who may take an interest in things happening in the specified locale.
Another aspect of our little magazine/newspaper advertising is featuring a Person or Group for growth, e.g. a Church, School, Store, Political Campaign, or Real Estate Agent.
There are news aspects that relate to spirituality, activism, child rearing, nutrition and exercise, comedy, and other arts, and entertainment in order to create interest.
Along with offering door to door distribution in locales where event take place, there is also distribution at Churches, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Municipalities, Restaurants, Coffee, Shops, Gas Stations, Stores, intra state, outer state, and tri coastal.
TOURISM  Let People know about Your Great Spot and People come to Town to Look for You!    e.g. People come looking for stars and the Big Donut.
• Direct People to Your Website.
• Ads From $2200.  to $28. Choose the rate that is comfortable.
Sincerely Yours,
Peace and Blessings,
Love, Joy, and Hope,
Chaplain Ruth C. Summers Tweedle a.k.a. Queenii